Monday, February 22

Urgent prayer requests

We have a very busy week ahead of us. Please pray for us:
  • Starting today we are trying to organise casual staff to cut 350 rolls of tarp into 5 metre lengths to distribute to 1,500 households
  • Getting 3x20 tonne lorry worth of goods up to Leogane
  • We need to organise the logistics and vehicles to get all the tarps and plastic sheeting up into the mountain areas, some of which are impassable by 4 x 4 because of landslides
  • The distribution takes place Friday and Saturday please pray for security as we do this
  • One team members’ father had a heart attack yesterday; he is stable in hospital but please pray for his recovery and for peace for her
  • Proposal for the programme went off at 2am this morning – meetings this week
  • Vehicles have arrived by still need work putting them together and we need them urgently
  • For all the newly recruited staff
  • For a team that is tired and has a mountain to climb (quite literally) in more senses than one this week

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